Researcher & Entrepreneur

Astera Institute


I’m a researcher and entrepreneur working on distributed collective intelligence systems to help us think better, together. I’m currently an Entrepreneur-in-Residence in the Astera Institute. We’re developing Sensemaking Networks, a new kind of social network combining AI and semantic nanopublishing, to improve how we collectively curate, evaluate, disseminate and discuss scientific research.

I finished my PhD at the Hyadata Data Science Lab in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, where my research focused on cognitive-inspired computational models of natural language understanding. I’m particularly interested in embodied and stigmergic cognition, and the role of learning environments in shaping human and machine intelligence.

I’m passionate about sociotechnical activism and building for impactful pro-social change! I’m a co-founder of Common SenseMakers, a community focused on research and development around distributed collective sensemaking. We’re working on technology and practices to help people and groups navigate information overload, find meaning and connection, and make sense of an increasingly complex world.

I’m also into various other embodied pursuits like trekking, cycling, yoga and world music.

For some random musings on the meaning of life, the universe and everything, check out my blog (Hebrew).

🗞️ News

  • December 2023: Joining Astera Institute as Entrepreneur-in-Residence!
  • December 2023: Completed PhD! 🎉
  • February 2022: Co-founded Common SenseMakers🚀


  • Computational Linguistics & Semantics
  • Embodied Cognition
  • Meta-{science, governance, society}
  • Tools for thought and collaboration


  • PhD in CS (Natural Langauge Understanding), 2018-2023

    Hebrew University of Jerusalem

  • MSc in CS (Deep Learning Theory), 2017

    Hebrew University of Jerusalem

  • BSc in Computer Engineering, 2015

    Hebrew University of Jerusalem


Workshop Co-organizer

Founding Member

Founding member of Common SenseMakers, a community working on research and development of distributed protocols, practices, and tools for collective sensemaking.


ACL (21’ - outstanding reviewer), NAACL (21')

Organizing Committee

Team member of JerusML organizing committee, the Jerusalem data science / machine learning community.