PhD Candidate

Hebrew University of Jerusalem


I’m a PhD candidate in the Hyadata Data Science Lab in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, under the supervision of Dafna Shahaf (HUJI) and Reut Tsarfaty (Bar Ilan University/Allen Institute for AI). Interested in how human intelligence can inform artificial intelligence, and vice versa. In particular, I’m currently interested in embodied/grounded cognition research and how it may help in building deeper language understanding and higher level cognition into AI systems.

During my PhD, I’ve also been fortunate to have wonderful summer internships at the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence in Seattle (mentored by Gabi Stanovsky), and the RIKEN institute in Japan (under Prof. Yuji Matsumoto).

My B.Sc and M.Sc were also at Hebrew University, in computer engineering and computer science, respectively. My M.Sc thesis was on applications of hierarchical tensor decompositions towards principled neural network design, under the supervision of Amnon Shashua.

Outside of the lab, I’m into various other embodied pursuits like trekking, cycling, yoga and world music.

๐Ÿ—ž๏ธ News

  • June 2021: started a summer internship at AI2 with Kyle Richardson on the Aristo team.


  • Computational Linguistics
  • Grounded Cognition
  • Philosophy of Mind


  • PhD in CS (Natural Langauge Understanding), 2018-

    Hebrew University of Jerusalem

  • MSc in CS (Deep Learning Theory), 2017

    Hebrew University of Jerusalem

  • BSc in Computer Engineering, 2015

    Hebrew University of Jerusalem



TA: Self-paced Data Science Course

Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Oct 2019 โ€“ Present
Mentoring non-CS students with data science coursework and projects.

TA: Undergraduate Engineering Final Projects

Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Oct 2017 โ€“ Oct 2019
TA for undergraduate computer engineering final projects workshop. Course management, assisting students with finding and framing research problems, project planning, presentation and evaluation.



ACL (21'), NAACL (21')

Organizing Committee

Team member of Brainstorm JLM organizing committee, the Jerusalem chapter of BrainstormIL, a community of students in neuro-science/tech related fields.

Organizing Committee

Team member of JerusML organizing committee, the Jerusalem data science / machine learning community.